giuseppe arena
Welcome to the portfolio of Giuseppe Arena

Guiseppe’s inspiring professional ballet career started at the Grand Theatre of Geneva and progressed to soloist and principal dancer at La Scala Ballet Company in Milan where he worked with world renowned ballet dancers and choreographers.

With his exceptional talent in dance and choreography, he later started working as an ice skating choreographer, creating routines for some of the most talented, award winning ice skaters. He is now considered to be amongst the world's best and innovative ice choreographers.

His vast experience has seen him as choreographer for such events as the opening ceremony of the Endurance World Cup in Dubai and he was also a choreographer of the opening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, a major project involving hundreds of people which was an enormous success.

Added to Guiseppe’s dance and choreography talent, he is also an accomplished art director, painter and a décor and costume designer.

Giuseppe Arena